Substation Structures

Arkbro offers engineering and manufacturing services for clients in the electrical transmission and distribution sector who require substation structures.

Substation structures typically combine lattice, tubular and wide-flange steel structures in a compact footprint and require specific expertise in optimizing the layout  for efficiency and safety.

Arkbro has the experience and capabilities to assist you in the design, component selection and manufacturing of your substation structures needs. Substation design is done based on ASCE’s Substation Structure Design Guide (MOP 113) and ANSI’s Recommended Practices of Seismic Design of Substations (IEEE-693).


We can supply you with complete substation structures or substations components:

  • Transformer Stands
  • Arrestor Stands
  • CCVT Supports
  • Insulator Stands
  • Circuit Switch supports
  • Disconnect Switch supports


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Lattice Structures

Arkbro has manufactured high voltage lattice transmission structures from 220Kv to 765Kv. The structures manufactured include lattice self supporting single and double circuit designs as well as guyed lattice. Trial assembly and testing of all structures is available on site as per customer request.

Advantages of transmission lattice steel structures include:

  • Galvanized
  • Bundling as per customer request
  • Supplied with tower grade bolts.

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Tubular Structures

Tubular transmission structures can be built in 30' long sections in a wide range of diameter sizes and material thicknesses. Monopoles, A-frame and custom design can be manufactured to meer customer needs. Tubular structures can be supplied with a hot-dip galvanized  coating or with metallic paint specifically formulate for  excellent weathering over an extended period of time.

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H-Frame Structures & components

Arkbro can manufacture and supply H-Frame structures and H-Frame structure components such as:

  • Steel cross arms (xarms) and braces
  • Arm Accessories

  • crossarm.jpg


To obtain more information about our services and products and to get a competitive quote please contact us.


Structural Design Build

Arkbro has supplied the construction, power and mining industries worldwide with a variety of steel structures for:

  • Buildings
    • Industrial
    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Multi-Storey
  • Support Structures
    • Power stations
    • Off-shore structures
    • Solar Photovoltaic structures
  • Mining
    • Surface Plants
    • Shaft steel
    • Conveyor systems

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