Substation Structures

Arkbro offers engineering and manufacturing services for clients in the electrical transmission and distribution sector who require substation structures.

Substation structures typically combine lattice, tubular and wide-flange steel structures in a compact footprint and require specific expertise in optimizing the layout  for efficiency and safety.

Arkbro has the experience and capabilities to assist you in the design, component selection and manufacturing of your substation structures needs. Substation design is done based on ASCE’s Substation Structure Design Guide (MOP 113) and ANSI’s Recommended Practices of Seismic Design of Substations (IEEE-693).


We can supply you with complete substation structures or substations components:

  • Transformer Stands
  • Arrestor Stands
  • CCVT Supports
  • Insulator Stands
  • Circuit Switch supports
  • Disconnect Switch supports


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